Campaign for the freedom of Pablo López Alavez Continues

CIPO-RFM in Oaxaca is continuing the campaign for the release of Pablo López Alavez, a member of the community of San Isidro Aloapan involved in the defense of the forests and illegally detained by 20 paramilitaries in front of his family on the 15th of August, 2010. Pablo has been incarcerated in the prison Penal de Villa de Etla in Oaxaca since that date and legal council of the CIPO-RFM have discovered a variety of serious irregularities in the investigation leading to his detention. The two documents below are letters in Spanish to draw attention to his case and pressure the government to bring justice to his case.

Acción Pablo López Alavéz Letter 1

Carta modelo en apoyo a Pablo López Alavez – Letter 2

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