cipo-caravan event in Portland this Tuesday!

Hi all,

Just a brief update from the road =)

We’re in Portland right now, spending a bit of time with our awesome friend Ben, his wife Michelle, and their little boy Loren. Things have been really great so far except the weather’s not that nice. It reminds us of an average winter day in Vancouver, so it’s not THAT bad heh

The main thing is that this Tuesday, Nov. 16, we’re organizing a small event to talk to people about the cipo-caravan and we’re hoping that if you have some connections to people around town, you pass the info along. We’ll post more info and photos in the next few days, but for now we’ll be busy trying to connect with people and get to know the city a bit.

We’ve added the invitation text below to blast by email, if you can.

Cheers and we’ll stay in touch!

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=========invite text=========

CIPO-CARAVAN in Portland!

On November 8, 2010 CIPO-VAN launched the cipo-caravan, an epic bike ride from Vancouver, Canada to Oaxaca, Mexico.

The purpose of the cipo-caravan is to raise awareness and build  community around the projects and struggles of the Consejo Indigena  Popular de Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon and of migrant agriculture  workers in Canada.

Come learn and discuss about these issues, and be part of this crazy project!

Bikes and revolution!

when: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, starts at 5 pm
where: Cramer Hall 268 at Portland State University

Organized by cipo-van & friends | info:,

2 thoughts on “cipo-caravan event in Portland this Tuesday!

  1. hey!
    i wanted to thank you guys again for such a wonderful discussion tonight at the cipo caravan event! it was so incredible to get the chance to touch on so many important issues and gain a better understanding of the history and struggle of indigenous communities specifically in oaxaca. i feel extremely inspired and encouraged to continue to learn about your work and become involved. good luck on the bike ride!!!

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