Trailer for March Event with Enrique González Ruiz Released

We are proud to announce a CIPO-VAN Motion Pictures event – the trailer for our March 17th and 18th events.  Shot in Oaxaca by members of CIPO-VAN, the trailer was skillfully edited by Carmen Henriquez whose work on this project is a huge support for us.  Gracias Carmen! This video presents the voices of academics and members of the social movement in Oaxaca and Mexico City, presenting different perspectives and experiences of state violence and violence connected to the drug war. Among the voices in the informal interviews conducted at the Universidad Autonoma de la Ciudad de Mexico (UACM) is that of Dr. José Enrique González Ruiz, Director of the Graduate Program in Human Rights Law at the UACM who will be coming to take part in our events this month.

War on Human Rights? The Mexican Army under Calderón
A Talk by Enrique González Ruiz.
Thursday, 17 March 2011, 3‐4:30 pm at the UBC Liu‐Institute for Global Issues
6476 NW Marine Dr
This talk is organized and co‐sponsored by the UBC  Liu‐Institute, Partners in Rights and Recovery, and CIPO‐Van.

Democracy at Gunpoint: Violence and Politics in Contemporary Latin America
A Roundtable Discussion with William French (UBC), Maxwell Cameron (UBC), Micol Seigel (IU,
Bloomington), and Enrique Gonzalez Ruíz (UAM, Mexico City)
Friday, 18 March 2011, 5‐7pm, SFU Harbour Centre, 1700 Labatt Hall
This event is organized and co‐sponsored by the SFU Latin American Studies Program, the Justice
Education Society of BC, and CIPO‐Van.


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