Hunger Strike for Pablo Lopez Alavez

Hunger Strike in EtlaMembers of the CIPO-RFM have begun a hunger strike in support of Pablo Lopez Alavez, the environmental defender from San Isidro Aloapam.  Taking place at the prison in Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico, the strike is to demand Pablo’s immediate release. Pablo has been held injustly on trumped up charges for over five years.

Please read more in the CIPO-RFM press release:

Press Release
Oaxaca, Oax, 10 December 2015

On the International Day of Human Rights, Indigenous Zapotec, Triqui, Chinantec, Mixe, and Mixtec people are holding a fast to demand liberty for the Indigenous ecologist Pablo López Alavez.

On 9 December 2015, Pablo López Alavez, in company of his wife, the defender of Indigenous rights Yolanda Pérez Cruz, began a fast. They protest against the unjust process through which Pablo has been illegally kept in Etla prison for five years.

Today we have confirmed that the government of Gabino Cué is not concerned with combatting corruption and punishing public servants who violate human rights and the collective rights of communities. Therefore, in the context of the International Day of Human Rights, we ask the legislative power, and, in particular, the commission for the administration of justice, not to become an accomplice of an executive branch that violates human rights.

In his fifth government report, Gabino Cué alludes to his government’s respect for human rights, but that is only publicity by which he tries to convince the public that he acts on the issue of human rights. This is not only a lie, but a mockery and insult to Indigenous people in light of the case of the Indigenous ecologist Pablo López Alaves who remains a prisoner in spite of the recommendation 11/2015 of the Human Rights Office of the People of Oaxaca. The recommendation points out grave violations on the part of the authorities and asks for the immediate freedom of our comrade. Nevertheless, the order of this specialized public office has not been fulfilled to this day.

In the face of the obstinance of the governor, we – Zapotec, Triqui, Chinantec, Mixe, and Mixtec Indigenous people – found ourselves obliged to hold a fast in the Etla penitentiary and in front of the government palace. In case the recommendation of the Human Rights Office will not be met in the sense of freeing the Zapotec activist Pablo López Alavez, there will be a hunger strike.

We also inform that the Sub-Secretary for Social Prevention and Reintegration, with the backing of the Secretary for Public Security of Oaxaca, Jorge Ruiz Martínez, without argument and in a despotic and arrogant manner expelled the human-rights personnel who assisted the beginning of Pablo’s fast in the penitentiary. In the same manner, Ruiz Martínez prevented the visit of journalists, friends and brothers of Pablo López Alavez, even though there is no juridical prohibition for journalists to listen to the words of a political prisoner inside a prison. In the face of the repeated violations of our rights by the government of Oaxaca, we demand the immediate intervention of the National Commission for Human Rights.

Lastly, we call on all human-rights organizations to remain informed about our security, because the bad governments, instead of doing justice, persecute, intimidate, beat, kidnap, imprison, and assassinate those who dare protest against the grave violations of our constitutional rights.
Liberty for Pablo López Alavez!!

Respect for the cautionary measures for members of the CIPO-RFM!!
Return of the exiled Raúl Gatica!!

Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM)


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