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Blog entries from our cipo-van members as they travel from Vancouver, Canada, to Oaxaca, Mexico

It’s probably time to make it official: the CIPO caraVAN arrived in Oaxaca!!

We’ve been here for more than a month now, but we’ve gotten so busy that we didn’t take the time to write an article about the end of our trip.

The last section between Puebla and Oaxaca was awesome, with very nice scenery of arid hills and mountains, giant cactae, and little towns with colorful churches. It was also very hard, with steep and long up-hills, terrible heat and the burning sun on us most of the time. So after two months and a week on the road, we finally made it to our final destination: the CIPO house, in Santa Lucia del Camino, a suburb of Oaxaca. We were SO glad to get here!

We were hoping we would have a few days to rest after arriving, but the following day we started working hard, accompanying CIPO members in the long and fastidious process of getting our friend Pablo out of jail. Appointments with the lawyer, endless waiting in government offices, meetings with other organizations that support CIPO, organizing a press conference, painting a banner, writing handouts… we’ve spent most of our time working on Pablo’s case. That’s the issue of having political prisoners right? To distract the organizations from their original objectives and struggle, making them spend energy and resources in legal processes that are, from the get-go, one-sided. And the new government of Oaxaca, lead by Gabino Cue Monteagudo, has not showed much interest in supporting us, in spite of his beautiful speeches about change and justice. It looks like he’s taking the same path than former governments: political represion and criminalization of social struggles. But well, within CIPO-RFM and CIPO-VAN we didn’t expect much, we know that a new leader doesn’t necessarily mean new politics. Continue reading It’s probably time to make it official: the CIPO caraVAN arrived in Oaxaca!!

Almost there

Compañeras y compañeros, muy buenos dias!

It’s been a while since the last article, I was sure we posted one from San Diego, but apparently we didn’t. I guess you were anxious to read about our crazy adventures, but hopefully you could still enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Happy new year by the way!! For us those holy nights were pretty boring, lonely and uneventful (don’t cry, we still had tequila so it was not that bad), but well, that’s the price to pay for traveling in winter! So before to get into the details, I’m just gonna say that we are now in Puebla, and you are probably gonna wonder how the f… we made it here so fast. Well, we’re just the best racers ever! Hehe, not really, we cheated a little bit.

So we left San Francisco, swearing we would go back soon, loaded with good energy taken from this amazing city, heading South (of course) on Highway One. We had the chance to ride in a very dense fog, we couldn’t tell what was around, where was the top or the bottom, that was fun. Continue reading Almost there

San Francisco: awesomeness everywhere!

So after our misadventures just North of San Francisco we made it to Oakland, where we spent a couple of nights recovering. We were really excited about meeting the Slinghsot collective, so we went to the Long haul infoshop. This is a community space where several collectives host their activities and events. When we got there there were quite a few people still having dinner provided by Food not bombs, and others were busy typing away at the space’s free-to-access computer room. We met some of the organizers there, who showed us around and were happy to see us.

This was truly a cool place. Lots of people where there for different reasons, and they were all very friendly and interesting. Some where local activists or residents, and other were travelers like us. We actually met a bunch of young people who were preparing for a bike trip from San Francisco to Mexico as well, and they were very interested in our trip when they heard we were doing the same thing =) Continue reading San Francisco: awesomeness everywhere!