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Blog entries from our cipo-van members as they travel from Vancouver, Canada, to Oaxaca, Mexico

The cipo-caravan is still alive (barely) in California

We haven’t written since we left Arcata, and it’s been a LONG time since that happened! It’s not that we’ve been lazy, or that we’ve enjoyed being outside riding our bikes so much that we always put off writing for the next day, or that we’ve forgotten about all of you (we know you must wake up every morning and run to your computers to check if we posted something new to the blog :-)), it’s just that, um, well, life is tough!

So, this part one of a massive tale. Go grab your coffee, tea, beer, or hot chocolate and prepare to be thrown into magical lands and hear of awesome adventures!

We left Aracata on November 27, and embarked on a trek through the redwood forests of Humboldt National Park. We had already been through the redwoods just North, and this trek gave us such an eerie sensation as well. It’s as if, somehow, the air within these forests was “heavier”, as if we were riding into a headwind, but there was no wind whatsoever. I don’t know if we were too tired or what, but we’d like to believe it’s got to do with the awesomeness that are the forests. Continue reading The cipo-caravan is still alive (barely) in California

CIPO caraVAN now in California

Hi friends!

We know lots of people were anxiously waiting for a new post, so here we go, sorry we didn’t write earlier, but it’s not been very easy to find enough time and a good connection to the Internetz before. And we usually have other things to do online, like check the weather, our route, contacting friends and people on our route, check the news, etc. It’s not that we don’t love ya, just don’t be impatient!

We are glad to tell you that we survived the terrible weather we had in Oregon. It was pretty intense! We got hail storms and a lot of rain; temperatures below 30 degrees F (0 degrees C), and two or three inches of snow in North Bend, at that point we said “enough!, let’s get out of here”, and we took a shuttle to Crescent City in the North of California hoping to get better conditions. And it’s still very cold, but it’s been sunny in the last days at least.

So basically, we started riding in Tillamook (took a shuttle from Portland, kinda lame, but we were late on our schedule, sick, and not ready for the rain in the hills to get to the coast…), and just made our way down the 101, stopping for a few shots and some rest every time we felt like it, which is pretty often given the great coastal views. Sometimes we stop to shoot small videos, just like when we got into Waldport, the only sunny morning in Oregon (two hours later it was hailing like hell). We slept sometimes in the wild, sometimes clandestinely in campgrounds, other times honestly in campgrounds. We also tried an RV park once when we were very desperate at Lincoln city, not very sexy but it was the first place we found with showers and laundry and we were too frozen to look for something nicer.

In one of those nights in a campground, I woke up around 2 am, and heard the tarp on the bikes making some noise, like if the wind was shaking it, but it didn’t seem very windy outside. I was very thirsty and didn’t have water in the tent I decided to get up, and as I was putting my warm clothes on, I heard this big noise of a bike falling. Gil woke up all afraid; I got out of the tent with my knife asking “who’s there?”, and found three raccoons searching our bikes. They actually made a hole in Gil’s handle bar bag to get some trail mix he had in it. They didn’t seem very scared by my knife and my shouts; they stayed around in the bushes looking at us hanging our food in the tree. It was pretty hard to fall asleep after that, we were kind of paranoid, and I dreamed of zombies attacking the tent later that night. At 5:20 am, Gil wakes me up asking “did you hear that?”, and I could hear the tarp making the same kind of noise, so I told him “it’s your turn to get up now”, but he was all  “well, fuck that, they can eat our shit, I don’t care” and went back to the depth of his sleeping bag, so I had to get up again to find the same raccoons looking in my bags, getting some plastic bags out, even if there was no food anymore. So that time we got up for real (we actually had the alarm at 5:30), packed our stuff with the raccoons trying to get close every time we wouldn’t be yelling at them, and left with the first light of the morning. Continue reading CIPO caraVAN now in California

Thank you Portland!

Image of Portland at night
Portland at night

We spent a few days in Seattle preparing for our next city, Portland OR. We hoped to organize something there, so we got in touch with friends and caught a train down (we know, not quite biking but hey! the time we saved we can spend in the city instead =). The day before leaving we met with Alec, a friend who lives here. You can see a small video of us riding around the waterfront leading into Seattle. We then hopped on the Amtrak train, and headed for Portland.

We’ve spent a few days here in Portland, and it’s really a great city (as far as we can tell!). There’s more cyclists here than I’ve seen in my life, and that just feels so warm and fuzzy (even though the weather’s been cold and cloudy). There are bike paths left and right, bike parking corrals everywhere, and in general it’s super easy to get around on a bike. There’s also a bunch of coop stores where people seem to really have a sense of belonging, and “buy local, buy organic” seems like a mantra everywhere.

One of the first places we checked out was the Red and Black Cafe, a vegan, anarchist cafe in SE Portland. If you ever come to town you MUST go! =) Super awesome people work there, the food’s tasty, and the angry letters the get (and posted on their windows) are hilarious! Then we super-quickly checked out City Bikes. This is a sort-of OCB bike shop, but with much less emphasis on teaching and letting people do their thing. It’s still a coop bike shop, and they have used parts for cheap and are super friendly. Check it out if you can.

Continue reading Thank you Portland!

cipo-caravan event in Portland this Tuesday!

Hi all,

Just a brief update from the road =)

We’re in Portland right now, spending a bit of time with our awesome friend Ben, his wife Michelle, and their little boy Loren. Things have been really great so far except the weather’s not that nice. It reminds us of an average winter day in Vancouver, so it’s not THAT bad heh

The main thing is that this Tuesday, Nov. 16, we’re organizing a small event to talk to people about the cipo-caravan and we’re hoping that if you have some connections to people around town, you pass the info along. We’ll post more info and photos in the next few days, but for now we’ll be busy trying to connect with people and get to know the city a bit.

We’ve added the invitation text below to blast by email, if you can.

Cheers and we’ll stay in touch!

Delgado 0

=========invite text=========

CIPO-CARAVAN in Portland!

On November 8, 2010 CIPO-VAN launched the cipo-caravan, an epic bike ride from Vancouver, Canada to Oaxaca, Mexico.

The purpose of the cipo-caravan is to raise awareness and build  community around the projects and struggles of the Consejo Indigena  Popular de Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon and of migrant agriculture  workers in Canada.

Come learn and discuss about these issues, and be part of this crazy project!

Bikes and revolution!

when: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, starts at 5 pm
where: Cramer Hall 268 at Portland State University

Organized by cipo-van & friends | info:,