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Mole Canning Party!!

CIPO-VAN, working with the TACO cooperative, invites you to an evening of Oaxacan food, steaming pots, and lots of fun 🙂

We have another batch of mole to can, and we’re inviting all of you to come help out. In return, you get to enjoy awesome Mexican food, try a bit of Doña Vicky’s mole, and gain some invaluable street cred!

There’ll be music and crazyness, all for free. We encourage you to byob 🙂

Check out this video (made by our friend Jefe) of how Doña Vicky makes her all’star mole:
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See ya there!

When: Friday, April 27, 2012, 7 pm
Where: 2791 W 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (entrance on the back basement)

La Feria Latina Va De Nuevo

When/Cuando: 4 to 10 pm on the 17th of December, 2011

Where/Dondé:  St. Helens’ Church, 3871 Pandora St., Burnaby (Hasting & Ingleton)  Map

[Español Abajo]

We are proud to announce the second Feria Latina (Latin Fair) from 4 to 10 pm on December 17th 2011, in St. Helens’ Church (3871 Pandora St, Burnaby).

Enjoy Latino food like empanadas, chorizos from Argentina, pupusas from El Salvador, chuchitos from Guatemala, and authentic Mexican tacos. There will also be delicious Central American coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. You will also find clothes, textiles, and more from Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guatemala – perfect Christmas gifts for all the family!

There will be music, dance, and cultural activities with local artists for young and old alike.

Join us in celebrating the diverse Latino community here in Vancouver! Continue reading La Feria Latina Va De Nuevo

Mole canning party!

what: Mole Canning and Coop Product Packaging Fiesta
when: September 26th, 2011, starting at 6 pm.
where: CIPO-VAN house (2791 W 11th Avenue, basement entrance at the back)

Hola a tod@s!

No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda! ¿Qué se creyeron, que andabamos de vagaciones? Desde hace tiempo venimos organizando y planeando mil eventos y actividades, pero hemos estado también metid@s en mil otras cosas a la vez, así que en clásico estilo cipotero nos tardamos un buen en atender lo más básico jeje

Estamos chambeando super duro con la creción de TACO, la cooperativa cipotera, y seguimos apoyando inciativas de nuestr@s herman@s de la LATUC (, con su Mercado Latinoamérica Unida. En preparación para éste evento tenemos una fiesta de mole a finales de Septiembre!

Este Lunes 26 de Septiembre, a partir de las 6 pm en la casa del CIPO-VAN (2791 W 11th Avenue, entrada al sótano por atrás) estarémos empacando mole en frascos de vidrio, y  tod@s están invitad@s!

Si tienen frascos de 250 ml para envasar que nos puedan donar (de esos que se usan para mermeladas, salsas, o salmón), por favor nos avisan! Podemos pasar por ellos o los pueden dejar en la CIPO-casa si no estamos. Échennos un grito antes del 26 para saber si pueden venir, porque queremos tener suficiente guacamole y totopos pa tod@s! 🙂

Chequen nuestra pagina ( y facebook ( para más detalles, y prepárense para una super noche de chamba, chupe y pachanga!

L@s cipotes


Hello all!

We weren’t dead, just out partying! What did you think, that we were out on vacation? Pfft! We’ve been organizing and planning thousands of projects, but we’ve also been involved in a few thosand OTHER projects, so in our now-traditional cipo style, we forget to take care of the basics hehe

We’re working super hard on the creation of TACO, our cipo cooperative, and we continue supporting initiatives from our brothers and sisters of LATUC (, with their Latinoamérica Unida Market. In preparation for this event, we’re hosting a mole party in September!

This Monday, September 26, starting at 6 pm, you are all invited to the cipo-van house (2791 W 11th Avenue, basement entrance at the back) to hang out and help as we can mole from Oaxaca.

If you have any 250 ml canning jars you don’t use anymore (the ones used to can marmalade, pickles & salmon), please let us know if you can donate them to us! We can come pick them up or you can drop them off at the cipo house in case we’re not there. Also, please give us a shout before the 26 if you can make it, ‘cos we want to have enough guacamole and chips for everyone 🙂

Check out our website ( and facebook page ( for details, and get ready for an awesome night of work, drinks, and fun!

The cipovan crazies