make-mexico-safe-logoThe Make Mexico Safe campaign is an ongoing effort to challenge the silencing of the reality of violence and dispossession across Mexico, and to push the Mexican and Canadian governments to face these injustices and restore justice.

As part of this campaign, we have called for the removal of Mexico from Canada’s Designated countries of origin list, which lists countries the Canadian government deems “safe,” thus making it more difficult for communities from these countries to demand action for human rights and justice.

Also, in 2015 we co-organized the From Ayotzinapa to Ottawa Caravan, a human rights tour of Canada that brought Hilda Legideño Vargas, a single mother and crafts seller whose son was disappeared in the September 26th attack; Jorge Luis Clemente Balbuena, a member of the student committee of the Ayotzinapa teachers’ college; and Isidoro Vicario Aguilar, a lawyer from the human-rights center Tlachinollan, representing the families of the 43 disappeared students.

International Campaign of Solidarity with Pablo Lopez AlavezWe have been working really hard with our brothers & sisters from CIPO-RFM for the last few months in building an International Campaign of Solidarity with Pablo Lopez Alavez, our brother from San Insidro Aloapam who’s been in jail since August 2010 under fabricated charges. Here, we’re trying to organize a bit the information on Pablo’s case, as it becomes available and more activities are organized.

Please make sure to read this urgent action alert on the case of Pablo Lopez Alavez, and then write a letter (you can use this sample letter in English or this sample letter in Spanish we’ve prepared). Also, feel free to use our materials to pass on and help us write more letters among your friends, contacts, and family!

Here’s the International Campaign of Solidarity with Pablo Lopez Alavez poster (ENGLISH) & International Campaign of Solidarity with Pablo Lopez Alavez poster (SPANISH), and also a International Campaign of Solidarity with Pablo Lopez Alavez handout (only available in Spanish for now) ready to print.

Thanks a lot, and please do let us know if you send a letter or paste a poster.


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  1. I say that justice is unfair that small chainring lopez pablo not committed the crime he is accused by I’m from San Isidro aloapan I have family and what you accuse my companion is not just,and I am in the United States to seek a futoro for my family and brothers and countrymen todosmi San Isidro aloapan qui filed on the future of our people and the citizens of san miguel aloapan think nothing but destroy our nature of the trees out mountains and so we are defending the naturaza centers so we demand a prisoner we want for them what they want to Asher

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