A Consulado Rebelde in solidarity with hurricane victims in Oaxaca, Mexico

Where: Calvary Baptist Church (1803 1st Ave, one block East of Commercial)
When: Friday, October 11, 2013. Starts at 6 PM.
Lost? call 604-828-0548

Check it out at facebook.com/events/542309732504878/

CIPOVAN’s Consulado Rebelde makes an appearance once again, this time as a fundraiser to assist the families of our compañeros in Oaxaca who have been affected by the recent hurricanes that devastated Mexico (details below), such as San Martin Itunyoso and Plan de Zaragoza.

This will be a Consulado for solidarity, so please make sure to come hungry, and invite all your friends over! We’ll have chicken and veggie enchiladas de mole, drinks, coffee and home-made flan (Mexican-style caramel custard) for dessert!

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Village of San Martín Itunyoso Destroyed by Rain

This urgent report and request for support just came to us from Oaxaca, from the mountainside community of San Martín Itunyoso.  If you would like to help out or learn more about this situation, please contact us at cipo.van@gmail.com. (Ver español abajo)

To all Men and Women of Good Heart.

Brothers and Sisters:

The house of a compañero is destroyed
The house of a compañero is destroyed

We are women, men, youth, grandmothers, girls and boys of the triquis community of San Martin Itunyoso, members of the Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca “Ricardo Flores Magón” (CIPO-RFM).  We organize to change our conditions of life in our community and we struggle against the agressions of the PRI politicos and other political parties – from within our communities we resist bad government and corruption.

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Consulado Rebelde Reportaquero

The mix of chiles and other tasty ingredients that make up the marinade for the taco meat.

To begin with, we would like to remember two members of the social movement in Oaxaca who were part of the CIPO-RFM process at one time.  Arturo Pimentel Salas of the Frente Nacional Indígena Campesino (FNIC) was assassinated in San Agustín de las Juntas in late August, and Everardo Hugo Hernández Guzmán, most recently the mayor of Andrés Cabecera Nueva, was shot early this morning in his  town.

It is clear that the level of violence and persecution directed at the social movement in Oaxaca is rising as we organize out consulado reportaquero.  We feel it is all the more important to get together and share the latest updates about the struggle for human rights in Oaxaca and remember these two Oaxacans together.

In memory of, and out of respect for the work and lives of Everardo and Arturo, we invite you to come and share a space with us and learn more about Oaxaca.  Enjoy an evening of great food and great company as we serve up Tacos al Pastor and also talk about the CIPO-RFM’s participation in the Zapatista Escuelita.  Support our efforts to enable gatherings among campesinos in the struggle.

The invitation:

where: 2791 W 11th Avenue (entrance at the back)
when: Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013. Start at 6 PM
lost? call 604-828-0548 or 604-833-4497

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Eleuterio Ramos Attacked and Beaten – Three Family Members Detained on July 2, 2013

On July 2nd, Eleuterio Ramos of the community of Santa Maria Yaviche, Oaxaca was attacked and beaten by five armed men driving a black truck.  The men proceeded to kidnap three of Eleuterio’s family members, including his wife.  This action was the follow up on a threat made to Eleuterio in February by Samuel López Yescas to intimidate Eleuterio, a member of the CIPO-RFM, and disuade him from being involved in the defense of his community and the protection of their communal lands.  His family members have been incarcerated in jails in the state of Oaxaca under trumped up charges of robbery.  The communiqué below from the CIPO-RFM with an English translation gives details about the attack and kidnapping.

Please help us condemn this violence and corruption by signing the petition:


[Español abajo]

July 2, 2013, Santa Maria Yaviche


At 11:30 am today, the 2nd of July of 2013, a group of five armed men along with another man named Samuel López Yescas arrived in a black truck in the community of Santa María Yaviche looking for our friend Eleuterio Ramos.  Upon finding Eleuterio, they attacked and beat him and afterwards the five men violently entered the homes of Eleuterio’s family members detaining Mirella Ramos López, wife of Eleuterio Ramos, Arcenio Nicador and Magnolia Ramos López of the community of Santa Maria Yaviche, who they put in their black truck.  Afterwards they left the community in the direction of the neighbouring town of Tanetze de Zaragoza. Continue reading Eleuterio Ramos Attacked and Beaten – Three Family Members Detained on July 2, 2013