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Fundraiser & celebration of the 8th anniversary of the “Oaxaca Commune”

oaxaca-closed-graiffitCIPO-VAN would like to invite you to a very special fundraising dinner on June 14, 2014, which marks the 8th anniversary of what became known as “the Oaxaca Commune”: A popular uprising that started on June 14, 2006 against a State government unwilling to address the needs of the population and ready to use public and paramilitary forces in order to silence and murder dissenters.

We will prepare some of the best Mexican food & snacks you’ve ever had, and host a presentation and slideshow about the history of the struggle in Oaxaca since 2006. We will also present our most current campaign, Make Mexico Safe, in support of indigenous community organizers there.

If you cannot make it, please consider making a donation, and please give as generously as you can: without your support it will be very difficult to get this campaign off the ground! The fundraising dinner details are as follows:

Where: Dogwood Centre (706 Clark Drive, at Georgia)
When: Saturday, June 14, 2014. Doors at 6 PM, program starts at 6:30 PM.
Tickets: $25-$50 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds).
Please call Gil at 604-828-8909 or Raul at 778-791-3419 to make a donation or for more information.

Thank you and see you then!

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Oaxacan State Police Appear at the CIPO-RFM Community House in Santa Lucia

CloseupTo the Social Organizations.
To the Peoples of the World.
To the Press.

With the start of the year 2014, we feel police surveillance at the community house of the CIPO-RFM in Santa Lucia del Camino, Oaxaca. México.

Today, Tuesday the 14th of January at 12:10 pm, while continuing the work of the organization in the community house of the Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM), members became aware of the presence of an agent of the state police force motorcycle brigade, with number M-186, in front of the community house with notepad in hand watching the house.  This occurred minutes after member Miguel Cruz Moreno and his son Axayacatl, three years old, arrived at the house having returned from an errand.

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Eleuterio Ramos Attacked and Beaten – Three Family Members Detained on July 2, 2013

On July 2nd, Eleuterio Ramos of the community of Santa Maria Yaviche, Oaxaca was attacked and beaten by five armed men driving a black truck.  The men proceeded to kidnap three of Eleuterio’s family members, including his wife.  This action was the follow up on a threat made to Eleuterio in February by Samuel López Yescas to intimidate Eleuterio, a member of the CIPO-RFM, and disuade him from being involved in the defense of his community and the protection of their communal lands.  His family members have been incarcerated in jails in the state of Oaxaca under trumped up charges of robbery.  The communiqué below from the CIPO-RFM with an English translation gives details about the attack and kidnapping.

Please help us condemn this violence and corruption by signing the petition:


[Español abajo]

July 2, 2013, Santa Maria Yaviche


At 11:30 am today, the 2nd of July of 2013, a group of five armed men along with another man named Samuel López Yescas arrived in a black truck in the community of Santa María Yaviche looking for our friend Eleuterio Ramos.  Upon finding Eleuterio, they attacked and beat him and afterwards the five men violently entered the homes of Eleuterio’s family members detaining Mirella Ramos López, wife of Eleuterio Ramos, Arcenio Nicador and Magnolia Ramos López of the community of Santa Maria Yaviche, who they put in their black truck.  Afterwards they left the community in the direction of the neighbouring town of Tanetze de Zaragoza. Continue reading Eleuterio Ramos Attacked and Beaten – Three Family Members Detained on July 2, 2013

Alert: CIPO-RFM Reports Possible Police Aggression in Oaxaca

Español abajo


Brothers and Sisters:

We ask for your support once again in defending our compañer@s in the Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca “Ricardo Flores Magon” (CPO-RFM).  We have just received worrying reports from the community house of the CIPO in Oaxaca City about possible threats to the security of the house and the compañer@s living there.  These reports collected from trustworthy sources suggest the police and/or paramilitaries are preparing to break into the house without warrant or permission to disband the CIPO members who have protection there and occupy the organization’s main place of gathering and learning.  As justification, the rumours police are circulating wrongly accuse the CIPO-RFM, a group that is by definition a pacifist, non-violent contributor to the social movement for human rights, of being linked to armed groups.

CIPO-VAN condemns all aggression against the CIPO-RFM and all non-violent members of the social movement in Oaxaca and struggles to support their creative means of defending human rights in the region and the autonomy of the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca.

Please support our brothers and sisters by helping us disseminate information about the current circumstances in Oaxaca, sending letters and telephoning government contacts listed below. You can start by signing our Petition on Avaaz.org:


Thank you. (please Read More for contacts, la version español con contactos, et la version en français)

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